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IHT9 Neem Wood Comb LC2

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Rs. 195.00

IHT9 Neem Wood Comb is a 100% natural, environment-friendly and healthier way to control hair loss and encourage re-growth. Made from Neem (Azadirachta Indica) tree... more


Product Description

IHT9 Neem Wood Comb is a 100% natural, environment-friendly and healthier way to control hair loss and encourage re-growth. Made from Neem (Azadirachta Indica) tree wood, this handcrafted Herbal Comb has germicidal and antibacterial properties making it especially suitable for improving scalp health. This Herbal Wooden Comb helps in removing settled/impacted dirt particles on scalp and opening the clogged pores, allowing the scalp to breathe!

Easiest Way to Maintain Hair Hygiene

Blessed with incredible medicinal properties, Neem is one of the most precious traditional herbs in Ayurvedic herbology as well as pharmacology.The use of this biologically active compound in our therapeutic IHT9 Regrowth Comb makes it effective against serious conditions like scalp eczema, head lice, and dandruff. Unlike scratchy plastic combs, our completely sanitized Neem Herbal Comb is not harsh on the scalp and does not snap away the hair — a type of hair damage associated with plastic combs that damage hair strands by inducing static charges.

Prevent Hair Loss and Strengthen Your Hair

The benefits of IHT9 Neem Wood Comb go beyond combing your hair. The comb helps in evenly distributing natural sebum more evenly, throughout the mane, making your hair resilient against everyday challenges like pollution. In addition, regular combing with this Ayurvedic Comb contributes towards keeping the hair evenly moisturized—critical for structural strength in every strand of hair on the head!

Stimulate the Scalp & Detangles Hair

By using IHT9 Neem Wood Comb, you are actually massaging your scalp. Benefits include enhancing the blood circulation and stimulating dormant sebaceous glands. The result? The scalp receives more nutrients which helps the rate at which new hair is generated. It also helps in making existing hair longer and healthier! This Naturally Medicated Comb also helps in detangling hair and helps fight away hair problems like dandruff.

Material Used

IHT9 Neem Wood Combis made from Neem (Azadirachta Indica) tree wood.

IHT9 Neem Wood Comb at a Glance:

Recommended for all ages
- Eco-friendly unlike harmful plastics
- Tested for different skin types and scalp pH levels
- Herbal Medicated Comb: use of highly potent Neem herb
- Dermatologist-recommended comb for removing head lice
- 100% safe for daily use – tested for Hypo-allergic properties
- Green, environment-friendly manufacturing and packaging practices

How to use?

- IHT9 Neem Wood Comb is non-invasive, natural and safe to use.
- Use it like any other hair comb.

Our Promise:

- SLS/SES free
- Sulphate Free
- Parabens free
- No Animal Testing
- 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
- GMP Certified / ISO Certified / QAC Certified
- 100% Vegetarian – No Animal Extracts, Perfect for Vegans


- Use IHT9 Hair Oil before shampooing your hair as it comprehensively nourishes the hair and scalp 
- Use IHT9 Shampoo for washing your hair as it helps to arrest hair fall and catalyses new hair growth 
- Use IHT9 Hair Conditioner after rinsing your hair as it locks-in the herbal goodness of IHT9 products, making your hair stronger, more lustrous and manageable

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