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You are Responsible for Your Health, We are Here to Advise

All content and information available at www.iht9.com is intended to guide you towards healthy hair habits and motivate you to take care of your health and nutrition. But, bear in mind that the information provided by us is not supposed to be treated as medical prescription, nor it is a substitute to the advice of a qualified medical professional. Do not take any ideas, recommendations from this website or our product information and use them without conducting prior research of your own or getting the facts cross-checked by a medical supervisor. Our intent is to motivate IHT9 users to take care of their nutrition and health decisions after proper consultation with their health care provider.

IHT9 products are herbal formulations and contains all-natural ingredients. The medicinal and other benefits of the herbs, plants and other natural ingredients used in our products are the popularly known and established benefits prevalent since ages. However, the efficacy of our products might vary from individual to individual and some people might show quicker recovery and regrowth than others. Users are expected to bear in mind that the effectiveness of IHT9 products will vary as per the severity of your hair loss condition, genetics, routine, lifestyle and medical conditions. Our formulations are based on nature-derived products but we do not hold any responsibility for adverse effects/conditions if you are naturally allergic to any ingredient. It is your responsibility to be aware about your allergic and medical conditions and use discretion while choosing a product based on its ingredients.

User Discretion is Solicited in Case of Medical Conditions and Use of Our Products

We strongly recommend you to consult a health physician before making any changes pertaining to your health after diagnosis of a special condition or disease. No information, direct or indirect, present on this website should be considered to be a base for determining changes in your diet plan or the treatment of a medical condition or even diagnosing a health condition. We hereby declare that the content published on this website is not intended as a replacement for medical advice and shall not be used for knowledge gaining or treatment of a medical hair condition.

IHT9 recommends its users to consult a physician or specialist before choosing our products if they are already undergoing medical treatment for a specific condition. Any claims/statements/descriptions about the health benefits of any of the ingredients used in our products or our products on the whole have not been by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). We are not liable for any condition that might develop as a result of the use of our shampoo, conditioner or hair oil. We make no claims of diagnosing, preventing or treating any hair-related disease.

Iht9.com reserves the right to remove, move, edit any content or comments that are inappropriate, explicit, misleading in nature or violate laws of the land. Please note that no description/content already published on www.iht9.ent shall be reprinted without prior permission from Ram Lal Inder Lal (P) Ltd., owner of the website, however you can seek permission for printing excerpts or parts of the content provided that it is reprinted with proper attribution and with all the links intact. Any bloggers or writers or users publishing content or posting comments on the website shall disclose if they have any vested financial interest in doing the same. Disclosure of financially motivated publications is a must and everyone using the website is expected to be completely honest and transparent with the readers regarding the same.

Affiliate Links

Any ads or other affiliate links present on the website lie outside the purview of Iht9.com and are governed by the Terms of Use of that website. However, if any affiliate link is intentionally inserted by Iht9.com for promotion purpose or if we earn any commission by using clickable links to other websites then this would be disclosed to the users with utmost honesty. But, as of now, Iht9.com is an independent, privately owned website with its own business and does not promote any other products or services by intentionally inserting clickable ads that are redirected to their website.

Also note that some of the links on the website are for informational purposes and are intended to guide the users towards choosing the right products or making beneficial amends in their lifestyle. Even if you find a link to any other website, not inserted by us, and you choose to click that link, bear in mind that you will be directed out of our Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of that particular web portal shall apply to you. Any activity/purchase conducted by you on that website will be solely your responsibility and we are not liable for any loss/harm that you might incur due to the use of any other website. Affiliate links are not endorsed by www.iht9.com in any way.


This website is presented to the users in an ‘As Is’ condition without any liability, warranty or guarantee. Therefore, any risks associated with the use of the website lies with the user.


Be Respectful in Your Comments

Mutual respect is solicited while using www.iht9.com. We make every possible effort to be as humble to our patrons as possible and expect the same regard from you too. Users are therefore advised to not post any rude, disrespectful or offensive comments on the website. We reserve the right to delete any comment that we find unfit for publication at our website. You may also be blocked from the website for consistently posting inappropriate remarks, if that be the case.

Copyright, Trademark and Reserved Rights

All content present on the website, in any form, including images, videos, written information, audio and text is the sole property of Iht9.com and subject to copyright laws. Our products are patented and bear Trademark. Any attempt to copy, duplicate or re-publish content from our website will be subject to Copyright Act and you might be punished for plagiarism or infringing our Reserved Rights. You shall not use the IHT9 trademark or product details, packaging style or any other image that is owned by us or is part of our creatives and designs. Users are prohibited from downloading, republishing, reproducing or copying information from our website unless permission is sought from company owner. No designs, logos, images or text from our website shall be used for commercial gains/trade/profit-making/selling.

All content and images on our website is protected by Intellectual Property Laws.

Please refrain from distributing or publishing information that infringes:

  • National or international law
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  • Any party's privacy right

Right of publicity is limited to content that is not – abusive, obscene, slanderous, libelous, threatening, unprofessional or pornographic in nature. This website may contain outdated material and information and it is your prerogative to update yourself with the latest info and do not blindly follow the content published on the website.


As always, we appreciate your being a part of the IHT9 family and taking your time out for going through our Disclaimer policy which is for the mutual benefit of both parties.

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